Elizabeth O'Hara is an American photographer and filmographer whose focus is documenting individuals and cultures from around the world. She has founded www.savesara.com, where her current project, "Faces For Sara Kruzan" is in action to help bring visual attention to free a child victim of sexual slavery, Sara Kruzan, from wrongful imprisonment. The photo collective will be petitioned to several parties, including Governor Edmund Brown of CA, with photographs and personal statements.

O'Hara is currently in the stages of shooting "Sun Dogs", via Shine Cinema , which she founded in 2011. Shine Cinema, building its production team, will feature shorts, comedic, documentary and films by O'Hara and others for limited audiences and distrubution.

O'Hara's photographs have been published in Rollingstone Magazine, National Geographic Online, CNN, Money Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Anchorage News, Ford Foundation NYC, Isthmus, among many others.



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