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The main objective: to find everyone who supports Sara Kruzan's freedom who is proud and willing to show their face in support of her Freedom. This collective petition will be exhibited in galleries and around Sacramento, in the press, sent to politicians for support and ultimately, to Governor Brown's hands in the form of a petition "photo book" style format. I also urge every Sara supporter to write Governor Brown of California, a one page letter asking for Sara's freedom (globally). Contributing here and doing that will be the best of both worlds.

The purpose is to use this photo petition to display the strength of a visually personalized movement, through the faces of her supporters, not only to attempt greater attention surrounding her need for full clemency, but also as a means of support to Sara. I want Sara to see all of the people who care about her through the lens. Personal statements I'm sure, will make it more interesting for her to browse through. There is an emotional attachment and magnitude that a book or a wall full of pictures can achieve that an anonymous online petition cannot. This story must be spread and supported around the world.

Contribution to this project is a very simple and can make a huge difference in the freedom of someone who is powerless to change her situation. If you were in her position, you would hope strangers would take the time to do the same for you.

Participate by Submitting Your Photo

1) Send 1 to 3 pictures of yourself that are clear, high-resolution (over 500k, preferably larger). No photoshopped images or otherwise doctored images. If you do not have a computer or much internet access, please email me for my mailing address to snail mail me your picture.

2) Send a statement of a few words to a short sentence or two stating your feelings about Sara's case, desire for her release or condemning her imprisonment. You can send me a sentence of what you'd like me to quote along with sending your photo. Please do not photoshop the statement into the photo. Pictures with you looking into the camera are stronger for this project.

3) Group photos are absolutely not accepted without my direct permission. Each person must be individually photographed.

Submit your photo to the collective petition at FacesForSaraKruzan@gmail.com
Please include your first name and surname (last name).

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